We’re Harvesting the Waves

laivat_500pxOcean Sheep is a Finnish cleantech startup, founded in 2012. We’re Kalle, Mika, Marko and Vesa - one M.Sc., two engineers, one M.Soc.Sc. We believe in clean, renewable and environmental energy solutions.

Our business is the wave business. The potential of wave power is enormous, but very unused. We’re here to change this.

Our four-guy wiz-team has innovated a new, economical, simple-to-use, scalable and safe device to produce wave power. It’s based on direct induction. It includes some clever solutions that can (and will) be patented.

It’s a new thing, and we believe it might be a big thing.

Currently we’re planning a demo, scheduled to be up-and-running in late 2014.

Currently we’re looking for partners. Contact kalle@oceansheep.eu.


What’s up?

September, 2013

Hey-ho, let’s go! We’ve opened this, our very first website to help us to connect with the potential partners. Hope you like it!

During the last few months we’ve been in touch with potential subcontractors which could help us to build the device’s case/chassis and all the necessary reactor parts. We’ve gotten advice from experts in marine hydrodynamics, industrial design and, even, boat building. They’ve helped us a whole lot.

Currently our plan is to get the first prototype up-and-running in late summer 2014. To acheive this, we need to raise some capital to build the very first device. That’s why we’re meeting some potential investors.

At the same time we’re preparing to go public, but step by step. We’re planning some swell marketing & communications maneuvres to boost us in our journey.

Smooth sailing,

vesa@oceansheep.eu, manager of communications & marketing.